Books authored by HPDST members

Science and Eastern Orthodoxy - Cover
Ferdinand Verbiest and Jesuit Science in 17th century China - Cover
Blay - DDA - Couverture
Science, Technology and the 19th-century State - Cover
Physics and physicists in Greece (18th-20th centuries) - Cover
Historical knowledge, national self-consciousness - Cover
Greece-Europe. A convergence on time - Cover
Critical Education. Proceedings of the 1st International Conference - Cover
The Adventures of the Greek Science - Cover
The Greek Thought and the United European area - Cover
Issues of Science: History, Philosophy and Didactics - Cover
Theoretical Issues in Natural Sciences - Cover
Oceanography in Greece - Cover
Notions of Physics in Natural Philosophy - Cover
Greek cultural traditions - Cover
History of Sciences. A  Neohellenic Bibliography - Cover
The ideas of Ancient Greek Philosophers for Natural Sciences and their influence on contemporary thought - Cover
Sciences in the south-eastern Europe during the 19th century - Cover
Epistemological Approaches to the Reviving Greek Thought - Cover
History, philosophy and teaching of physical sciences - Cover
L' Europe des sciences: Constitution d’un espace scientifique (Chinese Edition) - Cover
Sciences during the Ottoman rule. Manuscripts and Literature Vol. 3 - Cover
Byzantium – Venice – Modern Hellenism - Cover
The Evolution of Modern Greek Science - Cover
Influences of the German Thought on the Greek Revival - Cover
L' Europe des Sciences: Constitution d’un espace scientifique - Cover
Statistical analysis of word data - Cover
Theophilos Kairis-Konstantinos Koumas, The Teachers of the Greek Enlightenment - Cover
The meaning of matter in the Neohellenic Revival - Cover
Sovereignty and Mathematics - Cover
The Observatory of Corfu - Cover
Environment: Science and Education - Cover
Multicultural science in the Ottoman Empire - Cover
Greek science and Balkan area (18th – 19th century) - Cover
Europe et sciences modernes. Histoire d’un engendrement mutuel - Cover
Η Ευρώπη των Επιστημὠν - Cover
Critical Education at the Crossroads - Cover
History, Philosophy and Didactics of Science - Cover
Science, technology and the 19th century State : the role of the army - Cover
Gender Studies and Science: Problems, Tasks, Perspectives - Cover
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