The Observatory of Corfu (1924-1940)

The Observatory of Corfu - Cover
TitleThe Observatory of Corfu (1924-1940)
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsZoumpos, G
Number of Pages107
PublisherAstronomical Society of Corfu
Publication LanguageGreek
ISBN NumberISBN 960-87864-0-1

The existence and activity of an observatory in Corfu from1924 until 1940, as well as that of an Astronomical Society (the first in Greece) since 1927 came forth in April 1989, when complaints were lodged about the demolition of the remaining dome of the installations. The demolition was unfortunately not avoided, but a long search began, in order to gather information, so that the history of this important scientific movement of the Middlewar could be recorded. As the library and astronomical instruments of the “Astronomical Society” were lost, the main source of information is the magazine Urania and newspapers issues of the time.
It is difficult to estimate the work and impact of the “Astronomical Society of Greece”. Beating the difficulties in communication it managed to create an extended network of members and correspondents in Greece, as well as abroad. Even though it was but an amateur society, it gathered a great part of the Greek scientific community, and ensured the collaboration of many foreign scientists. Through the pages of Urania much knowledge concerning astronomical phenomena spread down to the public, and many scientific problems of the time were presented.
A series of photos kept in the Public Library of Corfu which are most likely to have come from the Reading Room and Library of the “Astronomical Society” are presented in this edition.