The Hephaestus Team

Senior Researchers:

Efthymios Nicolaidis (Director of research, NHRF, director of the HPDST team).
Constantine Skordoulis (Professor, Department of Education, University of Athens, HPDST senior collaborator)
Gianna Katsiampoura (Senior researcher, Hephaestus)
Antigone Nounou( Senior researcher, Hephaestus)
Yannis Karas (Honorary director of Research, honorary associate researcher HPDST)
Efthymios Bokaris (Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Ioannina, HPDST senior collaborator)
Dimitrios Stavrou (Assistant professor, Department of Education, University of Crete, HPDST senior collaborator)
George Vlahakis (PhD history of science, researcher HPDST)

Junior researchers:

Stefanos Assimopoulos (Physicist, PhD, associate researcher HPDST)
Anthimos Chalkidis (Physicist, PhD in ICTs use in Education-Virtual Reality, associate researcher HPDST).
Maria Drakopoulou (Primary School teacher, PhD science education, associate researcher HPDST)
Catherine Karela (PhD history of science, associate researcher HPDST)
Ioannis Parkosidis (PhD in Educational Technology, associate researcher HPDST)
Loukia Prinou (Biologist, PhD)
Ploutarchos Psomiadis (Physicist, PhD science teaching, associate researcher HPDST)
Ioanna Stavrou (Primary School teacher, PhD communicating science, associate researcher HPDST)
Constantine Tampakis (Physicist, Master of Science, PhD in history of Science, associate researcher HPDST)
Maria Terdimou (PhD history of science, associate researcher HPDST)

Scientific Collaborators:

Yanis Bitsakis (Master of Physics, Master of history of science, scientific collaborator HPDST)
Maria Darmou (MA in communication and management)
Katerina Giannadaki (MSc, Greek Language and Culture Expert)
Panagiotis Lazos (MSc History of Science)
Nikos Matsopoulos (MA in sciences)

PhD students:

Aristotelis Gkiolmas (Master of Physics, PhD student)
Kyriakos Kyriakou
Achilleas Mandrikas (Primary School teacher, PhD student)
Dimitris Mantzouridis (Physics' teacher, Secondary education, PhD student)
Grigoris Spiliopoulos (Mathematician, PhD Student}
Constantina Stefanidou (Master of Physics, Physics Teacher, PhD student)
Artemisia Stoumpa (Informatics High School teacher, PhD student)
Athanasios Velentzas (Physics' teacher, Secondary education, PhD student)Nike