Gianna Katsiampoura

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Gianna Katsiampoura is a Senior Researcher of History of Science specialized in Byzantine Sciences. She also teaches History of Science as an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Athens and at the Hellenic Open University. She has graduated from the Department of Philosophy, University of Athens and has gained an Master of Arts degree on 'History and Philosophy of Science and Technology' from the National Technical University of Athens. She has been awarded her PhD from the Department of Sociology, Panteion University of Social and Political Science, Athens in 2004. The title of her PhD Thesis is Perception, Transmission and Function of Science in Middle Byzantine Era and the Quadrivium of 1008. She has also taught at the University of Crete and the University of Thessaly and she has been a Visiting Researcher at the Centre d' Histoire des Sciences et des Techniques, University of Liege, Belgium. She has published papers on History and Philosophy of Science in Byzantium in referred journals such as Archives d' Histoire des Sciences (Brepols), Almagest (Brepols), Science & Education (Springer) and in the Proceedings of International and National Conferences. Her research interests include history and philosophy of science, gender and the history of science, history of education and the relation between history of science and political and economic history of Byzantium.

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