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Teacher, Greek Public Primary Education
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Achilleas Mandrikas is a teacher in primary education since 1987. He holds a Master in Science Education (2006) and a PhD in Environmental Science Education (2010). Since 2009 he is a School Advisor in Primary Education.
During his career Mandrikas has a great experience in Environmental Education. He has implemented five Environmental Education school programmes (1994-2001). He became a member of the Pedagogical Group of Argyroupolis Center of Environmental Education (ACEE) (2001-2004). He was a member of the Editorial Board of the educational material “Kallisto”, a program of environmental education for the Greek Secondary Education) (2008).
Mandrikas was a trainer in 200 daily training programs of Environmental Education for primary and secondary education students provided by ACEE (2001-2004). He was a trainer in 15 educational seminars for educators in Environmental Education provided by ACEE (2001-2004). He was a trainer in 18 educational seminars titled “Training of Teachers and Educators of Environmental Education” organized by the National Technical University of Athens (2007-2008).
Mandrikas offered lectures to undergraduate students of the Faculty of Primary Education in the Athens University on the subject “Environmental Science” (2005-2013) and on the subject “Environmental Education” (2006-2013). In parallel, he was instructor of in-service primary school teachers, trained in the Maraslion Teacher Training School of Primary Education, in “Environmental Education” (2007-2013) and in “Environmental Science & Ecology - Laboratory” (2008-2013).
His scientific interests include Environmental Education, Environmental Science Education, Air pollution – Meteorology – Winds. He has presented several announcements in Greek conferences. He has recently published three papers in international journals.

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