Anastasia G. Stamou and Anna Chronaki: How School Mathematics is Written? Scientific Discourses and Gendered Dimensions in the "Eucleid A" journal

In the present study, we examine the way pedagogic discourses are articulated and are used by male and female writers in the school mathematics magazine Euclid A. The theoretical framework of the study is that of Critical Discourse Analysis, while in the textual analysis, a systemic-functional linguistic approach is drawn upon. The analysis indicates that ≪traditional≫ is the dominant pedagogic discourse used by both genders, although male writers employ it more intensively than their female counterparts. Moreover, the ≪traditional≫ discourse used in Euclid A is found to represent mathematics as an uncontested truth. From a Critical Discourse Analysis perspective, ≪traditional≫ discourse functions ideologically: it constitutes an established discourse, resulting in the naturalization of mathematics.
NIke Dunk SB MID