The History, Philosophy and Didactics of Science Programme (HPDST) is a Programme of the Institute for Historical Research of the National Hellenic Research Foundation in collaboration with the Laboratory of Science Education, Epistemology and Educational Technology (ASEL) of the University of Athens, Greece.

HPDST originates from two initially complementary teams, the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology team and the team for the Didactics of Science, merged into one single team. The merge was brought through the acknowledgement that there is a strong need for science to be reestablished in society and engage its stakeholders. This goal is to be accomplished through state of the art research using an interdisciplinary approach. Since 2000, HPDST has developed into one of the most promising research teams in Southeastern Europe, as can be certified by the following achievements:

Digital archive concerning alchemy in Byzantium and in Greek-speaking communities of the Ottoman Empire

DACALBO project addresses a significant gap in the current historiography of sciences, by exploring and carefully mapping the Byzantine and post-Byzantine alchemy through the creation of a comprehensive, open access, digitized, and searchable database and metadata material. Specifically the project aims to:

The History, Philosophy and Didactics of Science and Technology Programme publishes the "Newsletter for the History of Science in Southeastern Europe" (in English), the Journal "Kritiki: Critical Science & Education" (in Greek) and the International Journal for the History of Scientific Ideas "Almagest".
Some of the publications by members of the Programme are listed within the "Bibliography" section of this website (which is updated on a regular basis); articles can be downloaded here. Part of the Books and Conference proceedings authored or edited by members of the Programme are also listed here.


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