The Antikythera Mechanism - Exhibition in Pavia

An exhibition on the Antikythera Mechanism was organized by HPDST (sponsored by Hephaestus project) in collaboration with the Centro Interdipentamentale di Ricerca per la Didactica e la Storia delle Scienze of the Sistema Museale d’Ateneo.

The venue of the exhibition was at Santa Maria Gualtieri, an 11th century Church transformed in cultural center of the city of Pavia.
The exhibition opening event, the Conference “Ancient and present cosmologies”, took place in June 22. Efthymios Nicolaidis (HPDST, NHRF) presented the Mechanism of Antikythera, Luicio Fregonese, professor of history of physics, Dept of Physics “A.Volta”, Università di Pavia, presented the astronomy of Dungal of Bobbio, a 9th c. Irish monk and astronomer who lived in Pavia, and Bruno Bertotti, emeritus professor of theoretical physics, Dept of Nuclear and theoretical physics, Università di Pavia presented the history of the universe in the big bang theory.
Was presented at the exhibition the model of the Mechanism designed and constructed by Dionysios Kryaris. The exhibition comprised explanation panels about the Mechanism (its recovery from the shipwreck, the history of the research, the results of the research teams, its functioning etc.) and documentary films.

The Italian version of the exhibition was provided by Prof. Fabio Bevilacqua (Dept of physics “A.Volta”). Patrizia Contardini, Lea Cardinali and Lidia Falomo of the University of Pavia organized the setup of the exhibition and the the events.

The Italian pages of the exhibition are to be found on the University of Pavia site addresses: and

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