International Conference on Critical Education: Presentations


Alejandro Paniagua Rodriguez (Centre for the Study and Research on Migrations, Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain)
"As strong as its weakest link? Evaluating parents' associations as intermediary organizations enhancing involvement of migrant families at school"
Alex Koutsouris (Agricultural University of Athens, Greece) "Education from a Critical Realist point of view"
Alpesh Maisuria (Anglia Ruskin University & London Institute of Education, UK) "A Critical Examination of Critical Race Theory in Education"
Amima Sayeed (Teachers' Resource Centre, Pakistan)
"The Balancing Act: Critical Education vs Cultural Values and Traditions"
Anastasia Liasidou (European University, Cyprus)
"Inclusive education and critical pedagogy at the intersections of disability, race, gender and class"
Xenia Stathatou & Anastasia Pamouktsoglou (Pedagogical Institute, Greece) "Socialization, consumerism and Critical Pedagogy: Consumer Identities"
Andreas M. Kazamias (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA - University of Athens, Greece)
"The Owl of Minerva: A Comparative Critical Analysis of "Critical Humanist Pedagogy", Ancient and Modern—With particular reference to Socrates, Paulo Freire and Peter McLaren"
Angela Hill (School of Education James Cook University, Queensland, Australia) "School readiness for highly mobile Indigenous students: the need for a holistic policy approach"
Anna Kostoula, (Secondary Teacher, Thessaloniki, Greece) "The ideologies behind our educational system"
Anna-Carin Jonsson & Dennis Beach (School of Education and Behavioral Sciences, University of Boras, Sweden)
"The problem of reproduction of class in the teacher educational programs"
Maria Nikolakaki & Babis Baltas (University of Peloponnese - University of Athens, Greece)
"Post-Neoliberal Citizenship: Toward New Notions Of Belonging Through Education" Anastassios Liambas & Ioannis Kaskaris (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece)
«Dialogue and love in the work of Paulo Freire»
Achilleas Mandrikas (Department of Primary Education, University of Athens, Greece) "Critical Environmental Education for Pre-service Elementary Teachers"
Beatrice Dike (Institute of Education, University of London, UK) "Critical Reflective Practice with 'Alice' "
Bryan Wright (University of Toronto, Canada)
"Implication(s), Subjectivit(y)ies and Deconstruction: Challenging Peace(,) Education & Philosophy"
Casey Edmonds (University of East London, UK)
"Diff-ability not disability" - Right brained thinkers in a left brained education system"
Charlotte Chadderton (University of East London, UK) "UK secondary schools under surveillance"
Christopher A. Warren (Purdue University, USA) "The Effect of Post-Racial Theory on Education"
Evgenia Flogaitis, Christina Nomikou, Elli Naoum, Christina Katsenou
(University of Athens, Greece)
"Investigating the possibilities of creating a Community of Practice. Action Research takes place in three educational constitutions"
Christos Athanasoulis (Greenwich University, UK)
"Trying To Infuse Criticality into Greek MBA Marketing Courses"
Morgan Gardner & Debbie Toope (Memorial University, Faculty of Education, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada)
"A Social Justice Perspective on Strengths-based Approaches: Exploring Educators' Perspectives and Practices"
Dilek ^ankaya & Gaye Unver Germiyanlioglu (Ankara University, Institute of Educational Sciences, Turkey)
"Turkish Teachers' Union and Historical Roots of Transformation of Their Critics"
Dimitris Tsoubaris (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece)
"The potential of socially critical environmental education through the examination of
local environmental problems"
Dimitris Zachos (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece) "Institutional Racism? Roma children, local community and school practices"
Domingos Leite Lima Filho (Universidade Tecnologica Federal do Parana, Brasil) "The "technological era" between reality and fantasy: reflections based on the concepts of work, education and technology in Marx's theory"
Eleni Prokou (Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Athens, Greece) "Higher education and "lifelong learning" in Europe in the era of globalisation".
Kemal Osal & Elif Gultekin (Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey) "Displaced Peoples Educational Opportunities"
Emery Hyslop-Margison & Maria Nikolakaki (University of New Brunswick,
Fredericton, Canada - University of Peloponnese, Greece)
"Post Neo-liberal Capitalism and The Collapse of the Higher Education"
Ethel Petrou, Ann Wright, Gail Zichittella, Joe Zawicki (State University of New York at Buffalo, USA)
"Inquiry Based Performance Assessment Tasks"
Moula Evangelia & Kampouropoulou Mary (Aegean University, Greece) "Art and Fairy- tales in an interdisciplinary interaction: Their contribution to self- understanding and to the subversion of gender roles and stereotypes"
Farah Farooqi (Institute of Advanced Studies in Education, Faculty of Education, Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi, India)
"Understanding School and Schooling: Pages from School Manager's Diary".
Fayaz Ahmad Bhat (Jamia Millia Islamia University of Delhi, India)
"Schooling doesn't carry equal promise to everyone, enhances enhanced, diminishes
Ferenc Arato (Institution of Education, University of Pecs, Hungary) "Cooperative paradigm as a de-construction of the hierarchical, racist, antidemocratic systems of education"
Foteini Papadopoulou (Loughborough University, UK)
"Physical Education teachers coping with Disaffected Youth: Discussing
their professional development (CPD) needs"
George Androulakis, George Economakis, Anna Lapanaiti, Leonidas Maroudas
(University of Patras - University of the Aegean, Greece)
"The effects of educational reforms on Greek universities' institutional - scientific functions and academic labour process"
George Bicos (Technological Education Institute of Athens, Athens, Greece) "Development of Critical Thinking by secondary education students"
George Pasias & Yannis Roussakis (University of Thessaly, Greece and National Education Research Centre, Greece)
"Who marks the bench? A critical review of the topoi, logoi and praxes of the EU educational paradigm"
George N. Vlahakis (Institute for Neohellenic Research, Greece) "Towards a radical education. Trotsky on Dewey's philosophy of education"
Fokion Georgiadis & Apostolos Zisimos (Institute of Education, University of London, UK- Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, Greece) "Emancipation and social justice within educational policy and praxis for Roma children in Greece: 'a Critical Education not yet met' "
Gerry Czerniawski and Su Garlick (University of East London, UK) "Practices, tensions and ambiguities in student voice: a case study from the London Borough of Havering"
Gianna Katsiampoura (National Hellenic Research Foundation, Athens, Greece) "Gender Studies in Greek Universities: a critical account and assessment"
Giorgos Tsimouris (Department of Social Anthropology, Panteion University of Athens, Greece)
"The task of critical educator in the era of globalized immigration: a view from the European periphery"
Ioanna K. Stavrou & Kostas Skordoulis (University of Athens, Greece) "Critical Science Education and Science Fiction"
Ioannis Sideris (Hellenic Merchant Marine Academy) "Social exclusion through education?"
Ira Papageorgiou (Hellenic Open University, Greece)
"Educational activities in campaign organisations: Promoting migrants' socio-political involvement through language education"
Irida Tsevreni (National Technical University of Athens, Greece)
"Critical pedagogy of place meets the needs and ideas of disabled children for creative
play and learning environments"
Isik Sabirli (Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey) ''Towards a Transformative Parent Involvement''
Harpreet Kaur Jass, Jyoti Dalal (Jamia Millia Islamia University of Delhi, India) "Understanding Critical Pedagogy: Two case studies of schooling in Indian setting"
Katerina Bazigou (Argyroupolis Centre of Environmental Education, Greece) "Creating learning communities in the context of Education for Sustainability"
Konstantina Drakopoulou (University of Athens, Greece)
"New York Style Graffiti as an Educator of Urban Adolescents in Greece"
Jina Kalogirou & Konstantinos Malafantis (University of Athens, Greece) "Do I dare/disturb the universe? Critical Pedagogy and the ethics of resistance to and engagement with literature"
Vassiliki Ioannidi & Konstantinos Tsilafakis (University of Peloponnese, Greece - University of Thessaly, Greece)
"Building a critical contribution of educational approaches to health promotion"
Kostas Skordoulis (University of Athens, Greece)
"From the radical science movement to critical science education"
L. Prinou & L. Halkia (University of Athens, Greece)
"It's Nature's fault..." Chronic difficulties in the teaching of the theory of biological evolution in Greece
Magdalini Kolokitha, Layla Branicki, John Preston (University of East London -
University of Warwick - University of East London, UK)
"Be prepared, be resilient, be evacuative; evacuation and disaster discourses"
Alessandra Troian & Marcelo Leandro Eichler (Institute of Rural Development - UFRGS - UFSC, Brazil)
"Extension or communication? Human health and environmental sustainability in the perceptions of tobacco farmers and rural agents in the municipality of Arvorezinha in southern Brazil"
Maria Lianou, Angeliki Matsouki & Orsalia Zoumbouli (Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Athens, Greece) "Education in Afghanistan. A critical analysis"
Maria Vaina (School of Pedagogical and Technological Education, Athens, Greece) "The school experiment of Ioannis Kondylakis (1885, Crete) on the model of Tolstoy school (1862, Jasnaja Polyana) and the independence Pedagogy. Asynchronous meet on the way to the critical education"
Morgan Gardner (Memorial University, Faculty of Education, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada)
"The Navigation of Complex Subjectivities among Urban Youth to Envision Democratic and Social Justice Educational Change"
Namita Chakrabarty (University of East London, UK) "Buried Alive: Cultural absence in civil defence preparedness"
Nathalia E. Jaramillo (Educational Studies and Cultural Foundations, American Studies, Purdue University, USA)
"Women in Movement: Critical Praxis for Revolutionary Action"
Nicholas Georgopoulos (Northeastern Illinois University, USA) "Building Awareness of Linguistic Imperialism in Education"
Nosheen Rachel Naseem & Mike Dawney (Middlesex University, London, UK) "Challenging hierarchies of learning: Peer Mentoring in Pakistani Universities and socio¬political change"
Ula§ OZER (Faculty of Education, Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey) "A Comparison Of Music Education Provided In Village Institutes And Contemporary Schools In Terms Of Ideology"
Panagiotis Maniatis (University of Athens, Athens, Greece)
"Critical Intercultural Education: Necessities and Prerequisites for its development in Greece"
Panagiotis Sotiris (Department of Sociology, University of the Aegean, Greece) "Theorizing the Entrepreneurial University: open questions and possible answers"
Paolo Vittoria, (Universidade Federal of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil) "Latin America Social Movements and Critical Pedagogy"
Paul J. Welsh (Canterbury ChristChurch University, UK)
"Magic, Mystery and Marxism: Is Denominational Education an Oxymoron?"
Periklis Pavlidis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece)
"The Rise of General Intellect and the Meaning of Education. Reflections on the
Contradictions of Cognitive Capitalism"
Petar Jandric (Polytechnic Graduate School, Zagreb, Croatia) "What is (critical) e-learning? A conceptual analysis"
Peter Pericles Trifonas (Department of Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning, OISE/UT, Toronto, Ontario, Canada) "The Aporia of Forgiveness"
Petros D. Damianos (Secondary Teacher, Athens, Greece) "The educational inequality in Greece"
Renata Anna Dezso, (Institution of Education, University of Pecs, Hungary) "Raising awareness of socially excluded groups in teacher training"
Roberta F. Hammett (Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada) "Digital Composing as Critical Literacy"
Sara Carpenter & Shahrzad Mojab (Department of Adult Education & Counseling Psychology, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto, Canada)
"Reading Adult Learning & Education through Marxist-Feminism"
Sara Hauftman & Sara Zamir (Achva Academic College of Education & Ben-Gurion University at Eilat, Israel)
"Social aspects of tri-lingual literacy: Arabic, Hebrew and English among Negev Bedouin students"
Selda POLAT (Kastamonu University, Education Faculty, Kastamonu, Turkey) "A Research Intended To Analyse The Vocational Technical Education In The Context Of The Social Inequality"
Shelane Jorgenson (University of Alberta, Canada)
"Excavating the Neo-liberalization and Neo-colonization of Global Citizenship Education in Higher Education"
Shirin Housee (University of Wolverhampton, England)
"What can be done' in the work of antiracism - Islamomophobia in education"
Stacey Krueger (Northeastern Illinois University, USA)
"Individual Consequences of Systemic Oppression among Urban Students"
Melinda Kardos & Stefania Toma (Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities, Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
"Institutional Contexts and Everyday Practices of Romani Teaching in Romanian Roma Communities"
Steven Hales (University of Toronto, Canada)
"Public School Curriculum in Brazil: Rhetoric & Realities"
Tristan McCowan (University of London, UK)
"Political education through the 'prefigurative': the case of the Brazilian Landless Movement"
Tyson Marsh, Danya Al-Saleh, Mohammed Rafi Arefin (Iowa State University, USA - University of California, Berkeley, USA)
"American-Egyptian Neoliberal Imperialist Imperatives and the Construction of Consent: Space, Place, and P-20 Privatization in New Cairo, Egypt"
Evangelos Intzidis (University of the Aegean, Greece)
"The flow of vagueness: the machinery of the internanional agents (EU, UN, OECD) for LLL and citizenship"
Vangelis Koutalis (University of Ioannina, Greece)
"Making discoveries for a better life vs. bringing fruits to the national treasury: Davy, Babbage and the (ongoing) struggle for the soul of science"
Vicki Karavakou & Pavlos Perperidis (University of Macedonia, Greece - Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, Greece)
"Critical Education and Lifelong Learning: Revisiting Phronesis (Aristotle) and Lebenswelt (Habermas)"
Vicki Macris (University of Alberta, Canada)
"Towards a Pedagogy of Philoxenia (Hospitality): Negotiating Policy Priorities for Immigrant Students in Greek Public Schools"
Karen Francois & Charoula Stathopoulou (Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science, Free University Brussels - University of Thessaly, Greece) "In-Between Critical Mathematics Education and Ethnomathematics. The Case of a Romany Students' group Mathematics Education"
Halil Buyruk , Berna §ahin Ozdemir , Yal^in Ozdemir (Ankara University, Turkey) "Research in Economics of Education: A Conflict Arena of The Paradigms Relating to the Educational Realities"
Yiannis Roussakis (National Education Research Centre, Greece) "Educational policies in the European South in times of the debt crisis: A PIGS Education?"
Zsuzsa Plainer (The Romanian Institute for Researching National Minority Issues, Cluj- Napoca, Romania and Babe§ - Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania) "Is The Second Chance a Second Chance? - Implementation of a joining-up educational programme for Roma in Romania"


SYMPOSIUM-1: "Transparency, Surveillance And The Obedient Citizen: How A Shifting Narrative Is Criminalizing Critical Pedagogical Spaces" Organizer: Lynette Shultz (University of Alberta, Canada) Participants:
1. Carolina Cambre (University of Alberta, Canada)
2. Evelyn Hamdon (University of Alberta, Canada)
3. Lynette Shultz (University of Alberta, Canada)

SYMPOSIUM-2: "Inciting the Political Imagination: Higher Education Teaching
and Research for Progressive Change"
Organizer: Spyros Themelis (Middlesex University, UK)
1. Wesley Sumar (Drexel University, USA)
"Reflexivity and Critical Understanding: Transforming the Educational Structure as the Practice of Theory"
2. Spyros Themelis (Middlesex University, UK)
"Greece: the maverick of Europe? What do the anti-capitalist protests (in HE) in Greece can tell us about the Greek social structure and the prospects of the resistance movement"
3. Kevin Morris (Middlesex University, UK)
"You know that something has changed when children want to know more about themselves than about the world': the post-humanistic turn in education and what it means for Higher Education"
4. Joyce Canaan (Birmingham City University, UK)
"Critical pedagogy in the face of capitalist realism: Theorising some students' resistance to capitalism in a time of crisis"
5. Duna Sabri (King's College, London, UK)
"The politics of public information and 'the student voice': student evaluations of teaching"


ROUND TABLE-1: "What is the university for? The contemporary university confronted with the irrational forces of the marketplaces Organiser: Spyros Themelis (Middlesex University, UK) Participants:
Zsuzsa Plainer, Alpesh Maisuria, Fryni Paraskeyopoulou, Arato Ferenc, Nosheen-Rachel Naseem, Stamatis Kapousis, Stefania Toma
ROUND TABLE-2: «The Unfolding Revolution in the Arab Worlds Organiser: Shahrzad Mojab (University of Toronto, Canada)
Maryam Jazaeri (independent researcher), Amir Hassanpour (independent Scholar)

And also


• Peter McLaren (UCLA, USA)
• Amrohini Sahay (Hofstra University, New York, USA)
• Dave Hill (Middlesex University, UK)
• Aristides Baltas (National Technical University of Athens, Greece)
• Ravi Kumar (Jamia Milia Islamia University, Delhi, India)
• John Preston (University of East London, England) and also speakers
• Chrysoula Papageorgiou (Secondary Education)
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