Physics and Physicists in Greece, (18th-20th centuries)

TitlePhysics and Physicists in Greece, (18th-20th centuries)
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2006
EditorsVlahakis, G, Fildissis, P
Conference Name11th National Congress of Physic
PublisherGreek Physicists Society
Conference LocationLarissa
Publication LanguageGreek

The book Physics and physicists in Greece is an illustrated volume dedicated to the most important persons and moments of the history of Physics in Greece. The volume is compiled by George Vlahakis and presented to the 11th National Congress of Physic (Larissa, 2006) on the occasion of the celebration of the contribution of Academician Caesar Alexopoulos. Alexopoulos was one of the most famous professors of Physics in the University of Athens. The volume is also dedicated to Prof. Yannis Karas, one of the pioneers for the study of history of science in Greece. The book includes photos of instruments and laboratories, portraits and extracts from Greek books of Physics, some of them unpublished until now. It presents also an overview of the history of Physics in Greece during the last three centuries.
The volume aims to be a source book, not only for historians of physics but also for physicists.