K. M. Koumas, Epitome of Physics, Vienna, Austria, 1812

TitleK. M. Koumas, Epitome of Physics, Vienna, Austria, 1812
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1999
Number of Pagespp. 36 [ 36+ 183] + 13
PublisherRepublication by the HPST/NHRF and the Greek Physicists Assosiation, Macedonia Publications
Publication LanguageGreek

The book prefaces Yannis Karas providing a detailed memoir of author’s life and work, while George Vlahakis closes with extensive indexes of scholars, experiments as well as instruments that illustrate the scientific knowledge of the 18th century.
Epitome of Physics traces the upheaval in greek scientific thought that signifies the continuity through discontinuities of the history and philosophy of science. It constitutes an unambiguous picture showing the way of the parallel scientific development in Europe and Greek cultural regions, proving the osmosis and assimilation of the modern scientific theories by the Greek scholars of the Enlightenment era.