The history of teaching Quantum Mechanics in Greece

TitleThe history of teaching Quantum Mechanics in Greece
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsTampakis, CM, Skordoulis, CD
Journal TitleScience & Education
Start Page371
Date Published03/2007
Type of ArticleResearch article

In this work, our goal is to examine the attitude of the Greek scientific community towards Quantum Mechanics and establish the history of teaching of this theory in Greece. We have examined Physics textbooks written by professors of the University of Athens, as well as records of public speeches, university yearbooks from 1923 to 1970, articles in popular scientific magazines, political and philosophical publications and lemmas of encyclopedias that were influencing the public at the time.

Our research shows that Quantum Mechanics in Greece was involved in the debate between the political left and right and the church organizations of the period, leading to an extremely idealistic misinterpretation of the theory. As a result, Quantum Mechanics was late to establish itself in Greece, with the first structured and autonomous course on Quantum Mechanics appearing as late as 1962.