Notions of Physics in Natural Philosophy, an EPS Conference Proceedings

Notions of Physics in Natural Philosophy - Cover
ΤίτλοςNotions of Physics in Natural Philosophy, an EPS Conference Proceedings
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2008
EditorsVlahakis, G
Conference NameNotions of Physics in Natural Philosophy
PublisherCambridge Scholars Publishing
Conference LocationAthens, Greece
Publication LanguageEnglish, French

The European Physical Society Conference “Notions of Physics in Natural Philosophy” was held in 23-25 September 2007 in Athens. It was organized by the Program of History and Philosophy of Science of the Institute for Neohellenic Research / National Hellenic Research Foundation and the Laboratory of Science Education, Epistemology and Educational Technology of the University of Athens. The Conference was supported by the
History of Physics Committee of the European Physical Society and the History of Physics Group of the Institute of Physics (England). The latter was represented by Mr. Malcolm Cooper, editor of the Newsletter of the Group. The main themes of the Conference were:
The emergence of notions of physics in ancient philosophy, the concept of physical laws in
Philosophy of Nature during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and the mathematization of Natural Philosophy and the emergence of classical sciences.


Efthymios Nicolaïdis, Notions de physique dans la philosophie naturelle chrétienne au
IVe siècle: Les hexaémérons des Pères de Cappadoce.
Manolis Kartsonakis, A Dynamic Approach for Mechanics during Late Antiquity: Ioannes
Philoponos’ commentaries on Aristotelian Physics.
Zoé Bosemberg, L’étendue, le continu et l’infini au XIVe siècle: le cas de Nicole Oresme.
Epaminondas Vampoulis, L’atomisme du 17e siècle et l’héritage cartésien.
Helge Kragh, Natural Philosophy, Theology, and Cosmology: The Emergence of a New World Picture.
George N. Vlahakis, The Crossing of the River of Knowledge: From Natural Philosophy to Physics – From Nation to State. The Greek Case.
Peter Maria Schuster, Moving the Stars: Christian Doppler: His Life, his Works and Principle and the World After.
Eugenia Koleza, Le Role des Sciences Appliquees dans l’enseignement et l’apprentissage des Mathematiques.
S. Sakkopoulos, E.Vitoratos and H. Polydorou, Atomism: A Fundamental Concept in Ancient Philosophical Theories of Two Different Cultures, Indian and Greek.
Constantine D. Skordoulis, The Persistence of the Theories of the Ether in Greek Science Education Literature