Theoretical Issues in Natural Sciences

Theoretical Issues in Natural Sciences - Cover
ΤίτλοςTheoretical Issues in Natural Sciences
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2008
EditorsSkordoulis, CD
Publication LanguageGreek

The book “Theoretical Issues in Natural Sciences” has been published by “Topos Publications” in Athens and is a compilation of essays, under the editorial supervision of Prof. Constantine Skordoulis, on issues of history and epistemology of natural science. Topics include also the History of Scientific Instruments, the relationship between Mathematics and Science, Gender and Science, Historiography of Science and the reception of the new scientific theories in Greece.
The authors of the topics of the book are: Efthymios Bokaris, Eugenia Koleza, Gianna Katsiampoura, Maria Rentetzi, Yiannis Parkosidis, George Vlahakis, Kostas Tampakis and Efthymios Nicolaidis.
The authors of this volume think that science is not a static collection of laws and theories but a dynamic process, full of controversies, challenges and re-evaluations and that the study of natural sciences cannot be separated from the study of their history.
The book aims at a multiple audience of students of natural science, primary and secondary school teachers and in general everyone with an interest in natural sciences.