Ioanna Stavrou: Science Education and Literature of Science Fiction: critical approaches

This work pertains to the contribution of science fiction texts to Science Education. We argue that science fiction, as cultural form, but above all as a way of thinking might help us to generate new ways of imagining global transitions in social environments and civil society in our present times and circumstances, and therefore could invite a more social and critical approach in the context of Science Education. We also argue that the conjunction of disciplines/cultures figured by the term “science fiction” bears re-examination as a resource for Science Studies and a potential mediator in science-humanities encounters. Moreover, science fiction, as product and part of the social consciousness of the contemporary world, could be an important participant in critical negotiations with techno scientific discourses. We conclude that these creative and critical conversations around sciences, such as science fiction, function as an enormously fertile environment of socio-cultural understanding of Science and Technology, and situate science fiction as a resourceful agent to respond to the political and ethical consequences that Science has in the world (human and non-human). Such approaches go a long way to develop culturally sensitive and sociocultural perspectives in Science Education, and contribute to educate a new generation of scientifically and politically literate citizens who actively take part in social processes.
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