Philipos Tentolouris: Intertextuality, discourse genres and social relations: the texts for the Flexible Zone

In this article I try to show how on the basis of the Institutional Ethnography written discourse and specifically the texts of the Flexible Zone can be related to the so-called macro-context. The methodology of this research was based on the document-based investigation of specific texts which were considered as key texts for the Flexible Zone and the frame of analysis on relating the intertextuality and the discourse genres of these texts to the social relations in which they are located. The intertextual analysis indicated various descriptions of the methodology of the Flexible Zone within different discourse genres which was interpreted as the outcome of the various social relations in which these texts were constructed. Finally, it is argued that the Flexible Zone can be better described as “Flexible Zones” as different ideological constructions and practices which can be effectively indicated by the epistemological frame of the Institutional Ethnography.
Jordan Flight Luxe