Aristotelis S. Gkiolmas, Ioanna K. Stavrou: Global Education as an alternative model of education for Sustainability and Social and Environmental Justice. A Critical Assessment

In the present paper a comparatively new model of education applied worldwide, the so called Global Education, is investigated. At first, the historical course and necessities that lead to the formation of this field are examined, together with the pre-existing trends in the field of international education. Then, a primary definition of this model of education is presented, as well as its main aims and objectives. At a second phase, the aspects and dimensions of Global Education, within its theoretical framework, are scrutinized. Then, the two main relationships that Global Education bears are critically investigated: the one with the concept of Sustainability and the one with the concept of Social Justice. Specifically, as far as the latter is concerned, the aimed balance between cultural Unity and cultural Diversity, as well as the notion of literate citizenship, are examined, in their connection with Global Education.
Finally, some critical Marxist positions regarding Global Education and
possible alternatives are presented, namely the Revolutionary Critical Pedagogy against globalized capitalism and the Radical Education with its statements.
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