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Date Type Title
11/11/09 Presentations Complexity as ecosystems' behaviour and its teaching under NetLogo environment
23/10/09 Lectures From Objects to Structures and Back
25/09/09 Seminars The infinite between Philosophy, Sciences and Theology or the making of Science in the 17th century
01/08/09 Lectures The Interaction Between Mathematics and Greek Trade During the Period of the Ottoman Occupation
01/08/09 Lectures The Reception of Ernst Haeckel's Ideas in Greece
01/08/09 Lectures First instruments of the National Observatory of Athens. When. From Where, Why and How
31/07/09 Lectures The scientific revolution and the Eastern Orthodox Church
31/07/09 Lectures The inscriptions on the Antikythera Mechanism
31/07/09 Lectures Hilbert on the Notion of Completeness: A Conceptual and Historical Analysis
30/07/09 Lectures Faith or Knowledge? Normative Relations between Religion and Science in Two Byzantine Texts
28/07/09 Conferences XXIII International Congress of History of Science and Technology
17/07/09 Lectures The training and identities of Bulgarian engineers during the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century
17/07/09 Lectures The transmission of Euclid's Elements to the latin West
14/07/09 Seminars Elati 2009
14/07/09 Workshops 6th "Elati" Workshop and Research Seminar
09/06/09 Lectures Pourquoi Descartes fait des mathématiques?
Seminars History of science in China #6: Science in late Qing China at the end of empire, 19th and early 20th centuries
Seminars History of science in China #5: The Jesuits in seventeenth century China
Seminars History of science in China #4: Learning mathematics and astronomy in early imperial China, ca 200 BCE- 200 CE