Blurring the line between Art and Science

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An application of works of Art as visual demonstration is often done in teaching of History of Science. Ancient entgravings represent the equipment of alchemists’ laboratories, bygone methods of medical treatment; Leonardo da Vinchi’s drafts and drawings show the high flight of technical idea at age of Renaissance. However there are disciplines of synthetic nature, which contain information from Art and Science in equal measure.

An example of such discipline presents History of Garden’s and Park’s Building. Garden’s and Park’s complexes take a marked place in cultural heritage of mankind as memorials of bygone times, as expressers of Art stile’s features at different historical periods, as well as the visual result of putting scientific knowledge on philosophy, mathematics, mechanics, biology, agriculture, construction engineering into practice. Synthetic nature of Garden’s and Park’s Building comes to light by studiing its history. Comparison of Egiptian geometrical adjusted planting, “Hanging gardens” of Babylon, symbolic compositions of China and Japan, regular parks of France, landscape plantations of England convence us that their formation was depended not only from local and national peculiarities of different countries, but from level of scientific and technological knowledge.
History of Garden’s and Park’s Building may become a section of textbook of History of Science, and also a separate course for special high school institutions. Garden’s and Park’s encembles represent the interest for students of Turism’s Institute as excursion objects; for future biologists and agrarians as a centres of acclimatization and cultivation of plants; for students of medical institutions as a places of relaxation and recreation of patients; for art critics as natural museums of painting, sculpture and architecture.

Taking into consideration the fact that Garden’s and Park’s Building is the most democratic of the fine arts, because it’s intelligible even to the non-specialists, its History may be used for popularization of achievements of Science and Technology, for recommendation of reasonable remaking of environment with the help of its own natural elements.
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Kateryna Gamaliya