Ukrainian Textbooks of History of Science

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Only one chaire of History of Science and Technology in Ukraine was opened in Kharkov’s Polytechnic University. Separate courses of historico-scientific disciplines are delivered by several enthusiasts in other Ukrainian educational institutions, and only in Medical Universities History of Medicine is obligatory. Howewer exists a possibility to defend a thesis and become a candidate or a doctor of History on such specialities as mathematics, mechanics, astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, geology, geography, medicine, agriculture, technics.
The main directions of History of Science and Technology are provided with textbooks, among which “History of native Mathematics” (in 4 vol., 1967); “History of Mechanics in Russia” (1987); “Essais on History of native Astronomy” (1992); “History of Physics” (2006); seria of books, dedicated to History of Chemistry (1971-1985); “Development of Biology in Ukraine” (in 3 vol., 1984-1985); “Development of Construction Engineering in Ukrainian USR” (in 3 vol., 1989). Collective monography “Natural Sciences in Ukraine till the beginning of XX century” (2001) represents the History of different directions of Science. The History of separate disciplines is reflected in individual works, such as “Development of Zoology in Ukraine” (1972); “Essais on History of Microbiology in Ukraine” (2000); “History of Welding” (2004) and so on. The biographic works are a great help for students and teaching staff: the dictionary “Biologists” (1984); the biographic supplement to monography “History of Physics” (2006); many books, dedicated to prominent scientists.
Desintegration of URSS and economic crisis complicated publication of historico-scientifical literature in Ukraine. This problem was on the agenda of meeting which took place in Kharkov (2009). The meeting passed a resolution to combine efforts for creation of new, contemporary textbooks of History of Science. In accordance with this plan the common European materials arised from International Conference “History of Science in Practice” might be very useful.
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