Experience of the Teaching of the Postgraduate Students in the History and Philosophy of Science in the Russian Academy of Sciences


In the modern situation of the change of the social priorities of science and technology is important to develop by specialists also the general representations about science, technology and society. But these general representations will be too abstract without the understanding of the real history of science. The history of science can be interpreted in the different ways. That is why it is important to develop by postgraduate students the reflexive capability to interpret the history of science from the philosophical point of view. In this case the particular history of the different special branches of sciences can be represented in the case studies as different general models of the historical development of science and technology. For the development of this reflexive capability we are hold the meetings and colloquiums with the presentations and papers of the postgraduate students about the history of that branches of sciences in which they right yours dissertation. In Russia from 2006 all postgraduate students from all specialities must right the paper about the history of science and take an examination in the philosophy of science in the first school year. We have already three years praxis in the Russian Academy of Science in this direction. Such computer presentations of the history of science are very important for the development by young scientists of the capability to represent the complex scientific and technological problems in the understandable for laymen or public at large form. We propose to show in our report some of such postgraduate presentations.

This report has been prepared in the scope of Project No 09-06-00042а "Technoscience in Knowledge Society" of the Russian Foundation of Basic ResearchKD VIII N7 Glowing

Galina V. Gorokhova
Vitaly G. Gorokhov