The Greek Engineers. Institutions and Ideas, 1900-1940

Book cover
TitleThe Greek Engineers. Institutions and Ideas, 1900-1940
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsAntoniou, Y
CityAthens, Greece
Publication LanguageGreek

The book deals with the education and the profession of the Greek engineers, in regard to
the Inter War ideologies about technology and society. In this context it refers to the formation of “Polytechnio” (National Technical University of Athens) as the sovereign institution of technical education of the country, the emergence of the engineering sciences in Greece, the formation of the faculty, the social profile of students and their carrier trajectories. In the same framework it focuses on the formation of the Technical Chamber of Greece, the official professional organization of the Greek engineers, their relationship with the state administrative authorities, their role to the public or private constructions and commerce, their involvement in the Greek industrial development and their social identity. In regard to these it also presents the circumstances of intellectual appropriation of modern technology and its ideological expressions voiced by the Greek engineers. More specifically it focuses on: the modernization spirit, the corporatist inclinations, the various
options of the ideology of technocracy, the oscillations between the hegemony of traditional culture and the challenges of modern civilization, the dilemmas between parliamentary system and dictatorship, between capitalism and socialism and the relevant models of the economical development and the industrialization of the country.